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End of Key Stage 2 & 4 Re

We can’t believe the progress our son has made since spending more time at Sandgate.’

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The school continues to use the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum frameworks to give a shape to learning experiences for pupils between the ages of three and sixteen. The revised theme framework for key stages 1-3 incorporates the requirements of the new National Curriculum, and uses Themes such as Pirates, Where The Wild Things Are and Over The Rainbow.

Catbells Theme Cycle

Bessy Boot Theme Cycle

Lingmell Theme Cycle

Glaramara & Blencathra Theme Cycle

Subject delivery also relates to the theme wherever possible.

Art Overview

DT Overview

Music Overview

PE Overview

RE Overview

Food Technology Overview

Geography Overview

History Overview

PSHE Overview

Literacy Overview

Science Overview

Dance Massage

Haptic Exploration

Hydrotherapy 16

Listen and Move

Rebound Therapy

Resononce Boards


Sensory Story


At key stage 4 students follow core areas (see accreditation), and start to develop more awareness of work. Foundation subjects are covered through a range of options.

KS4 Options Booklet

KS4 Curriculum Overview

Scafell Curriculum Overview

Bowfell Individualised Learning 3 Year Map

After this, in the 6th form, there is a strong focus on building skills to prepare for adult life. Specifically, gaining independence through building students ability to undertake tasks without support, and expecting students to make choices and decisions as an on-going part of each day is seen as a key aspect of preparing for adulthood.

However, the school uses flexible approaches to ensure the learning needs of all our young people are met, so individual teachers will vary curriculum content within the theme and other areas, year on year, based on what they feel will be best for that particular group of pupils.




For some pupils, developing their communication skills and meeting their physical and medical needs will be paramount. For others, development of language, reading and writing, numeracy and other mathematical skills, scientific understanding, personal and social skills, and technological skills are highlighted.


Whoever you are, the curriculum at Sandgate School should help you achieve the best possible quality of life, with the greatest personal fulfilment, as is possible.