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Sandgate at QKS
Family and Friends
Joining our school
 All pupils attending the school have a statement of special educational need, which describes their needs as being severe, or profound, multiple or complex. Cumbria Local Authority is the admissions body for the school, in consultation with the governors and Senior Leadership Team.
If parents or carers are wondering whether the school might be the right place for their child, they are most welcome to visit. Some parents visit because the school has been recommended to them by professionals involved in the statementing process. Some will visit because, although they are happy with their child's current primary or secondary school, they are aware that, at some point in the future, they may wish to consider special school provision. Some parents are interested in a dual placement, where the child spends part of the week in a primary, or secondary school, and part of the week at Sandgate and both schools share responsibility for their education.
To arrange a visit, please contact the Deputy Head on 01539 792100.
If you do then decide you would like your child to attend Sandgate, you should contact your child's are assessment officer (named at the bottom of the Statement/Education Health and Care Plan), or contact the Head teacher.