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Meeting Individual Needs
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All pupils have an Education and Health Care plan.The aim of the plan is to take a long term view of what the best possible outcomes for the child would be, and to plan the input across services to ensure this is achieved. Each pupil has a termly individual education plan (or I.E.P.) which states their learning targets for that term. Targets are carefully chosen to reflect a ‘small steps’ approach for that individual.  Assessment takes place on an on-going basis, with a full update at the end of each term.  All pupils are able to make progress within the assessment system used by the school.

The range of children and young people admitted to the school (admissions are controlled by the Local Authority) has grown significantly over past years. The school currently has a very diverse population.

Some pupils have additional therapy needs indicated on their Education and Health Care Plan, and a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapist provide this support and guidance. Specific programmes are built into the timetable on a weekly basis.

Sandgate is now also able to support students through Art Therapy. Students with additional emotional needs that can create a barrier to learning and relating can be offered a creative space to help them make sense of their world. By exploring and expressing their emotions safely through sensory use of the arts we can work with Parents and Carers to help our students manage some 

of life’s difficulties.  In this way we can help enrich your child’s life and 

help them to achieve better outcomes.