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Sandgate at QKS
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Therapists and medical personnel

Sandgate school recognises the value of multi-agency, multi-professional, working. A range of additional adults have input to the school at varying times, and to varying degrees, to ensure our children and young people can benefit from the widest range of professional advice and input.

This currently involves:

A part-time nurse, who oversees individual health care plan.

A physiotherapist, and therapy assistant, who visit the school weekly to provide specific programmes, and monitor staff delivery of these.

A weekly visit from a speech and language therapist, who assesses students, and provides detailed programmes for staff to implement.

An occupational therapist, who provides advice regarding equipment for students with physical difficulties.

The teacher for the visually impaired and hearing impaired, who assess and provide advice for specific students.

An educational psychologist visits and provides updated reports to guide staff input with specific students.