Helping our students find their potential

We have 3 Classes in Key Stage 3. If you are in Fairfield or Blencathra class you are likely to move into Pillar Class when you move up to Key Stage 4. If you are in Glaramara Class you are likely to move up into Helvellyn Class.

Glaramara Class

If you are in Glaramara Class you will be working on a personal progression Pathway, it is really important for you to show progress in areas other than academic subjects. If we get this right for you and succeed your academic progress will also be great. The sorts of things that we will focus on will be; the way in which you communicate with others around, how you make good choices, understand how to keep yourself safe and healthy. Your personal pathway is linked into your Sandgate theme, half termly themes mean that over keystage 3 you learn about all the things you should, but the difference at Sandgate School is that within each theme their is a Lake District Twist… When the theme is @@@£££$$ the educational visit will be to the Kendal mint cake factory, and when the theme is !!@@@££$ you will visit the mine in Coniston to see how the Victorian Industry developed.

Blencathra and Fairfield Classes

If you are in Blencathra or Fairfield Class you will probably move into Pillar class and complete your Entry Level Certificates. What is really important is that you are working within the Sandgate theme for all the subjects other than Maths, English and Science. This is a really fun way of learning and means that you shouldn’t really see the change between art, history and geography its just learning! With Maths, English and Science we separate them a little bit more because when you move up to Key Stage 4 you will have to take some exams that will help to move on to college when you leave school. You will start OCR science when you are in Key stage three and you won’t finish until the end of Key Stage 4, this gives you 5 years to get a ‘Gold Award’ if you can.

Everyone will have a personal progression pathway in Fairfield and Blencathra, but much of your work will be within the Themes and subjects that you learn. This pathway sets you up really well for right at the end when you are in Sixth Form and we are working out what job you may want and what college course will be best.