Helping our students find their potential

Pillar Pathway

Within Pillar Class the pathway leads you towards making academic choices that will allow you to take exams at an appropriate level. All students in Pillar Class take:

Entry Level Certificates in: English, Maths and Science

(the ELC Science is taken via the OCR Science route over Key Stage 3 and 4).

Some of our Pillar Class students can also take a GCSE, if this is the case we work very closely with our Queen Katherine School colleagues when it comes to exam time.

Lots of your time in Pillar Class is spent using the Maths and English skills that you are acquiring in the real world, not just sat at your desk. There are lots of focussed trips out using the skills; using timetables, catching public transport, using money, planning itineraries and putting into action everything that you have learnt.

In Pillar class you get to choose options in subjects other than Maths, English and Science. For specialist subjects you will get the chance to use specialist rooms at QKS for example the Science Labs, Design and Technology rooms and music rooms.

We would normally expect that when you finish Key Stage 4 you would move into Scafell Class and start your transition to college or work.

Helvellyn Pathway

If you are on the Helvellyn Pathway we would normally expect that you would carry on learning Maths, English and Science in your everyday curriculum. A large amount of your learning will be based on what you personally need to understand the world around you more effectively, be able to make really good choices, communicate and interact with others around you, move around confidently or whatever you really need. We would help you with that by making sure that the right supports are there for you.

We would make sure that a big part of your learning is about becoming as independent as possible, to show that you are doing that we will assess you within an ASDAN qualification – Preparation for adulthood. we will set up a ‘Personal Progression Pathway’ for you and this will become your Individual Education Plan.

The Helvellyn Pathway helps you on towards moving up to Bowfell Class. When you get there you will be working out of school and in the community much more, putting into place all the independence skills that you have developed.

Artwork by Lucy Wisse