Early Intervention Programme

What is the EIP?

Sandgate School is a Special School in Kendal. We are offering the Early Intervention Programme (E.I.P) to support students attending settings within our geographical area. This includes private nurseries who will feed into local Primary Schools.

The EIP will take referrals from a staff team who require additional support or strategies when working with a specific child. A setting can refer themselves to the E.I.P team, who will then follow a structured process in order to provide additional progress for the child.

  • The link for PARENTS to begin the referral process, and give their consent to the process, can be found by clicking here
  • The link for SCHOOLS to begin the referral process can be found by clicking here

The programme will include the following stages, run by E.I.P staff-

Collection of data and consents to share data

An observation of the child

Discussions with school staff

Report writing

Supply of resources/signposting to additional advice/support

Suggested CPD or observing in Sandgate school to develop understanding of a strategy

The E.I.P package is currently available for children in KCP and SLURP schools and associated Early Years provisions. Staff from Sandgate will work alongside the setting to develop and help to implement a package of support.

Support can be delivered flexibly over any time period. Staff from both schools will understand the process and timescales by using the Handbook which explains every stage and detail of the programme.

By offering additional targeted supported to staff and children, the outcomes for the child are more likely to be achieved and they will be able to function more effectively in their school setting. As staff knowledge and professional development increases, we will also see a swell in expertise in the schools, supporting the wellbeing of staff and students alike.

The EIP handbook is linked below:

Sandgate EIP Handbook



Additional COVID Helpline Service

In order to manage individual needs quickly and to avoid the need for staff to visit school settings the EIP are currently offering a HELPLINE SERVICE. 

This can be accessed by sending an email  to support@sandgateschool.org.uk. Staff will then follow this up with an initial telephone call. 

Staff will talk through student’s needs and offer telephone support. This may involve: 

  • Making and sending out individual resources such as visual supports 
  • Signposting staff to additional resources and services.  
  • Support with devising Positive Behaviour Plans and helping to implement these.  
  • Reviewing IEP’s 

If a full referral and follow up visit is necessary staff can arrange this. 

EIP COVID Safe Working Practices

We recognise that the current situation will be presenting schools with a number of challenges.  

We are aware that many students will be struggling with the return to school and may need additional support to manage their needs; particularly around behaviours for learning and well being.  

EIP staff are now able to return to their work in schools. We will be following our own COVID risk assessments and also adhering to the referral school’s policy. This includes such measures as : 

  • Santising bags and equipment before entering the school. 
  • Regular and ongoing hand washing/ hand santising . 
  • Following social distancing requirements in line with individual schools policy . 
  • Wearing of face coverings or other PPE as required.  
  • Sharing of records using digital formats rather than paper copies 
  • Schools to share their own Covid Risk Assessments/ Protocol before any school visit takes place. 
  • Conducting initial information gathering and follow up meetings via telephone calls or TEAMS meetings.  

Below is a link to the Sandgate School Covid risk assessment and protocol.  

Government Guidance for full opening: special schools and other specialist settings

This information provides further information on the steps needed to ensure children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can return to full time provision.

Please click the image below for the full government guidance.

Returning to School - COVID-19

Back to school - wider opening toolkit


Widgit Symbols - Coronavirus


Return to School - Visuals


Upset by the Coronavirus news


Support for School Staff

Below is a link to a Pupil Control Measures Document to support students who may need additional physical support or intimate care

Pupil control measures