If you were in Helvellyn Class at Sandgate School it is likely that you will move into Bowfell Class. This will be your chance to spread your wings and become as independent as possible. Just like when you were in Helvellyn Class, we will focus on your personal progression pathway, but the difference will be you will move further from your class base. Much of the learning will take place in the community around Sandgate School, we will build in changes to help you to accept these more easily at home and once you’ve left us.   



It’s really important that you have skills that you have learnt in school to begin with, but in Bowfell class you will be encouraged to use them in other places. You will use your skills accessing the local leisure facilities, visiting local venues and shops, volunteering with local charities and community groups and experiencing a college and work place environments.   



You will be involved in planning aspects of your week.  You will make food choices by deciding on a menu for our weekly cooked meal and shop for ingredients for lunches, snack and weekly baking. You will get a chance to work in the Bowfell Bistro, take part in enterprise projects as well as visit places of work. Some students will also have work placements. 














In Bowell we work hard on our communication.  We want you to have the skills to ask for things you need, make choices and communicate with your peers, people who help you and people in the community.  These communication skills and ability to make choices and self- advocate are important to safeguard you in the future as you move on from Sandgate.  

As well as communication skills, you will also learn how to look after yourself.  Whether that be personal care skills or looking after your wellbeing by knowing when to take a break and find activities that help us feel calm and regulated.  You will get chance to explore different sensory activities as well as take part in creative and musical activities that will support your wellbeing as well as skills that allow you to manage being in a group and working together.  

To show you and your family the progress you have made you work through ASDAN Life-skills Challenges which can be tailored to your needs, skills and interests. These bespoke awards will show the progress you have made with level of independence growing as you move through our sixth form. 

We have skilled members of staff that will help you with all of the things that you need; learning, communication, personal care, all within a safe structured routine with the specialist supports that you may need. 

Most students leave Sandgate school to go onto further education at a place like Beaumont College, or enter day services, Oakleigh trust services or programs like ‘Learn to Live’ which support young adults to live as independently as they can.