Robinson class is our multi-aged MEADOWS pathway class. We encompass an adapted sensory curriculum for our learners who have complex medical and learning needs. 

The three focal points of our curriculum are communication, physical development (including medical interventions) and cognition. We strive to deliver meaningful and engaging sessions for our learners, so that these 3 areas are improved and developed over their time at Sandgate.

As well as engaging sensory sessions in the classroom, community inclusion is also an important aspect of Robinson class, allowing students to experience life outside of the classroom with visits to the local community as well as further afield. 









Our learners’ needs are placed at the forefront of the everyday running of the  class, ensuring postural management, medical intervention and other care needs are met throughout the school day, alongside delivering and meeting the educational and learning needs of the students.

Robinson works closely with the children’s community nursing team for the South lakes, as well as our on-site nurse for training and further support to provided the best care for students.