Helping our students find their potential

At Sandgate we take pride in developing a pathway through school which provides  individual learning programmes created to support each student’s specific needs.

Following assessment and dialogue with parents and taking guidance fro the EHCP process a student will be placed on a Personal Progression Pathway which ensures that their needs are met at each step of their time here at Sandgate school.

Classes are structured and designed with specific pathways in the forefront of design and experienced teachers chosen for their skills and abilities to deliver to specific cohorts of students.

Sensory needs are addressed where necessary and a sensory based curriculum offered to the child with more complex additional needs and the child with Autism. This sensory curriculum will provide a means of understanding, developing awareness and making sense of their surroundings and for some children it will  provide prerequisites for accessing other areas of the Curriculum.

Running parallel is a pathway which offers an individualised curriculum within a framework of more conventional classroom practices with emphasis on structure and boundaries.  The aim here being that a child will feel safe enough to take chances and comfortable enough to begin a journey of becoming a life long learner. That journey progresses through the school giving them chances for formal accreditation and college life beyond Sandgate.

The emphasis is on ‘Personal’ and we will strive to deliver the best possible outcome for the child.