Helping our students find their potential






As part of our individualised learning programs, we focus very much on how our young people process the world around them. To ensure  that we can understand how to enable this, all of our sensory learners will be assessed via the Sensory Profile on entering school. This gives staff a clear view of the way a young person is seeing their environment, what they are seeking, and what they are over stimulated by. Having this information can then help teaching and support staff motivate our students with Autism, and engage them to learn.

Once the young person’s sensory needs have been addressed, we can build in these vital elements within our school day. For example, if a young person especially seeks movement and vestibular stimulation, regular movement breaks can be built into their schedule. When this has been established, these breaks can be used to support learning, and so maintain concentration levels. Activities can be tailored to each young person’s learning style, and so encourage participation in the breadth of the curriculum. Lessons are built around the seven senses, to engage each learner in their own way.

Artwork by Lucy Wisse