Helping our students find their potential

Catbells Class

Our students in Catbells class learn through play and experiencing the world around them.  We understand that our students work hard to understand the world and their place in it. To support their learning towards this, we ensure we keep our class sizes small with a high ratio of staff to ensure that all students get the support and engagement they need during their day and have access to learning programmes and group session that will support their individual development and needs.










We plot students’ progress through the Sandgate Pre-Steps, which is informed by EYFS Differentiated Birth to Five Matters. Each pupil in Catbells is tracked through our whole school Progression Pathway, to help to develop independence in life skills. Pupil individual IEP targets, linked to their EHCP are supported daily throughout the timetabled day and targeted sessions.


We believe pupils thrive with strong home/school connections and enjoy sharing the learning that pupils experience through and achieve through our online learning journey: Evidence for Learning.







The Early Years Curriculum can get messy and we are well prepared for that, encouraging pupil to go embrace the range of sensory experiences on offer. Our classroom is arranged to allow pupils to access vestibular activities, with trampolines and a sensory swing. Inside, Catbells Class has a separate sensory room and this calm, darker space is a good contrast, allowing pupils to have a quite space to work and explore their learning.  We have a covered outside area and enjoy exploring and having fun outside whatever the weather!

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Catbells Curriculum Information

EYFS Curriculum of Intent – can be found here EYFS CURRICULUM OF INTENT


Catbells Class Curriculum Framework – can be found here CYCLE B – Curriculum Coverage EYFS 22-23


EYFS Theme Cycle – can be found here EYFS Theme cycle 2001-2004