Entitlement - Students and Parents/Carers

Talking and preparing for the future is important for everyone but especially our students here at Sandgate School. Starting discussions early and understanding the different options, followed up regularly with staff at reviews will help plan a positive way forward.

Students at Sandgate will access careers through their wide curriculum experiences, linking these to their future. It will also be a partnership with students and their parents or carers through the EHCP reviews. The programme will promote equality of opportunity, inclusion and anti-racism.

Please click on our Entitlement Statement for more information.

Students and parents should have an informed understanding of the options and the challenges facing them as they move through the School via their EHCP meetings. This will support and prepare them for the next stage of their education and/or training. Transition programmes are developed to ensure the best possible transition occurs especially when moving to a new establishment. Good communication links are established between School and outside establishments to support this.

Students and Parents/Carers should

  • Understand how to keep safe in the world of work and where to go for help if it is needed.
  • Investigate and implement career/post school options.
  • Have planned career discussions with a familiar adult in school and where appropriate also with a trained adviser from an organisation such as Inspira.

(Inspira is a leading career management and personal development organisation operating in the North West of England, employed by Cumbria County Council to support Schools.)

Provider Access

At Sandgate we will ensure that there is an opportunity for a range of education and training providers to access students in years 7 to 14 where appropriate, for the purposes of informing them about approved future choices including technical education, qualifications, supported internships or apprenticeships. We will also aim to provide employer access where possible. Where events are arranged Parents/Carers will be invited if relevant.

Feedback on the relevance of such opportunities will be collected to ensure the careers programme meets the needs of our students and their families.

Sere our Provider Access Policy


Monitoring Arrangements

It is important to us to make sure our careers programme is effective. It is monitored by the careers lead and SLT. It will gather information from students, staff, Parents/Carers, Providers and Governors (if applicable) following an event, visit or encounter.

To ensure you are able to give feedback to the school about the effectiveness of the programme, we have developed a feedback questionnaire which can be downloaded here: Sandgate Careers Feedback Form – Word Version

See our Monitoring Arrangements here


If you have any questions or queries, at any time please contact either:

Julia McDonald jmcdonald@sandgateschool.org.uk Deputy Head or

Lynne Cianchi lcianchi@sndgateschool.org.uk Careers Lead

or phone the school office Tel: 01539 792100 to arrange an appointment to have a chat.