Skiddaw is one of the highest mountains in the Lake District, and one of the highest-in-age classes at Sandgate, perhaps with some of the tallest students too!


Based on the upper school site at Queen Katherine School, Skiddaw Class is one of three Sixth Form Key Stage 5 classes at Sandgate, for students aged 16 to 19 years old. Students are in Skiddaw class for up to 3 years.


Skiddaw class is part of the LAKES (Living, Academic, Knowledge, Education, Skills) pathway, preparing for adulthood, sampling post-19 options, and gaining work experience.


To keep class sizes small (approximately 9 students) there are 2 LAKES pathway Sixth Form classes: Scafell and Skiddaw. Both classes follow the same curriculum, with several joint activities.


There are also joint activities, and options for students to pursue particular interests, with Bowfell, the SEAS pathway Sixth Form class. The three Sixth Form classes collaborate closely to provide the ‘best fit’ Sandgate experience for each student, supporting achievement for all.


Over the 3 years in Skiddaw, activities include:


  • Taster courses at Lancaster and Morecambe College, including Animal Care, Hair and Beauty, Digital Media, and Catering.


  • Visits to post-19 settings to explore future options.


  • Pearson Entry Level Functional Skills in Maths, English and ICT.


  • BTEC Pre-Vocational Studies.


  • ASDAN Life Skills Challenges.


  • Food technology, gardening, swimming and PE.


  • Work experience and volunteering, including placements at Castle Green Hotel, Heron Hill Care Home and Tebay Services.



  • Outings in the community, developing independent planning and travel skills.


  • Options to go to the QKS dining hall, lunchtime clubs, sports hall and library.


We look forward to welcoming new students to Skiddaw class and supporting each individual to explore their interests, manage challenges, and prepare for positive futures beyond Sandgate.