Our students in the FELLS class, which is in the Lakes pathway, learn through a theme-based curriculum which changes each half term over a 3-year cycle.  We understand that our students work hard to understand the world and their place in it.
To support their learning towards this, we ensure we keep our class sizes small with a high ratio of staff to ensure that all students get the support and engagement they need during their day. Students are encouraged to access lessons at QKS in subjects they feel most comfortable and are supported by a dedicated Teaching Assistant to do this.

Progression is tracked through Sandgate steps on Solar and covers a broad KS3 curriculum. Each pupil in FELLS is also tracked through our whole school Progression Pathway, to help to develop independence in life skills. Pupil individual IEP targets, linked to their EHCP are supported daily throughout the timetabled day and targeted sessions.
FELLS is an active class, and the pupils are supported alongside academic lessons with lifeskills and learning outside of the classroom. Alternate Fridays are spent planning, shopping for, preparing then eating nutritious meals and then taking the opportunity to explore the world outside of school with educational visits.