The MOVE Programme

MOVE at Sandgate School

What is the MOVE Programme?

The MOVE Programme (MOVE) is an activity-based practice that helps disabled young people gain independent movement. It uses the combined approach of education, therapy and family knowledge to teach the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transitioning between. 

Who is it for?  

Anyone who has not learnt the skills of independent sitting, standing, walking, and/or transferring, regardless of their age or disability. 

Where is it done?

MOVE opportunities can be built in anywhere around school! Whether this be in the classroom, outdoors, in the hall or corridors. The opportunities are endless!











How is equipment used?

MOVE can be used with a range of mobility aids. Equipment should always be used to encourage active movement, so it should be used for the shortest possible time and provide the lowest amount of support needed. The aim is to reach the point that they only have what they absolutely need, which looks different for each individual. 

What does a typical day on MOVE include? 

The individual’s regular day but with every opportunity for movement practice taken advantage of! Skill practice should happen during daily activities, such as sitting at the arts and crafts table, standing to help prepare a drink or walking from the bus into school. MOVE is not an ‘add on’ to the day, it happens naturally. 

How do is progress measured? 

Progress is measured by assessing an individual’s level of functional mobility. The Assessment Profile is used with reference to the MOVE Manual to plan how support will be adjusted and to assess functional mobility annually, which provides a visual representation of progress over time. We record our work on the Evidence for Learning app. The evidence comprises of videos and witness statements.


For more information on our MOVE policy, please see attached:  Sandgate MOVE Policy