Helping our students find their potential

Swimming forms an important part of our Sports curriculum at Sandgate.  From entry to school children are introduced to the Hydrotherapy Pool located next to the Sandylands campus.  The benefits of accessing the Hydrotherapy pool are outlined on the Hydrotherapy page of this website.

As children progress through the school an assessment is made to determine the suitability of moving to our local Kendal Leisure Centre swimming pool. Some children will continue to access the Hydrotherapy Pool where sessions will consist of water movement sensory experiences or a more formal teaching session which is often cross curricular in nature including Maths and Literacy concepts.

At the Leisure Centre the children take part in structured swimming lessons led by our trained swimming teachers. Swimming certificates and badges are awarded following the Swim England swim program.

Up to Key Stage 3 a child will swim every week and in some cases access the Hydrotherapy pool twice a week in order to maximise the benefits of being in the warm water.

By Key stage 3 a child will swim one term out of the three and will have lessons built upon past experience and aptitude. A student with specific needs who benefits from the Hydrotherapy pool access will continue weekly or twice weekly visits making the short journey from the Queen Katherine campus to Sandylands Road.