Our School day

Sandylands Site

8.55                           Staff briefing

9.00                           Pupils arrive at 9:00

10:25-10:40           Primary play time

10:45-11:00           Secondary play time

12.00                       Primary Lunch followed by play time

12:15                        Secondary lunch followed by playtime

1:15                          Lunchtime ends, registration starts

1:20                          Start of afternoon lessons

3:15                          Assembly in the hall (3:10 on Friday)

3.25                         Students start to leave the site, escorted by class staff.


Sandgate @ Queen Katherine

8.45                            Staff briefing

8.50                            Second bell rings.  Time to collect students.

11:10-11:30              Snack/break time

12.25                         Lunch

1:20                          Lunchtime ends, registration starts

1:25                          Start of afternoon lessons

3.15                           Students start to leave the site, escorted by class staff,